Charlestown’s New Chapter


    Residents of Charlestown have a lot of reasons to be proud of their neighborhood: the U.S.S. Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument, and the Navy Yard are its famous landmarks. A rich history of tight-knit families and neighbors building a strong community has given way to a new generation of young professionals and immigrants writing their own modern-day chapter of Charlestown. Amenities, housing, and employment rate high.

    And as of 2016, Charlestown was voted one of the top 5 neighborhoods to live in, according to the best experts of all – individuals who live in Boston. For these reasons, buyers looking beyond the South End, are very interested in setting up home in Charlestown. 

    One Charlestown is set to change the character of Charlestown. Plans for new amenities, wellness centers, shopping, maintained landscaping and the like are sure to attract those looking for new homes and places to rent, both for market rate and workforce. 

    What else? More construction, transforming streets and creating parks to make a smoother, walkable infrastructure, as well as more retail and civic buildings.  Can you imagine 24 acres of space in Charlestown totally transformed? It’s happening. And it is happening soon.

    How does this affect the residents of Charlestown now?

    For those moving on and writing their own new chapter in life, this is a great time to see what your property is worth. Are you a resident of or own property in Charlestown? If you are thinking about selling, then you need to know not only what the value of your property is, but how it can play a viable role in the changing character of Charlestown. 

    In order to keep up with the rapid changes of the Boston real estate market, it is vital to work with a tried and true, conscientious realtor, who can guarantee your property’s story a favorable outcome as Charlestown turns the next page.

    For further information please contact:

    Lisa M. Sheehan
    Commonwealth Standard
    Commercial Sales Director 


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