Development Update: Boston Harbor Garage Project

    The Boston Planning and Development Agency has filed plans with Massachusetts that would further the workings of one of the biggest and longest battles in Boston – the plans for the redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage. The Chiofaro Company has owned the dwelling located at 270 Atlantic Avenue since 2007. Plans for redeveloping the 1,380 parking space garage have been in the works for most of that time.

    Proposed plans for the location have included a project with two towers including both condos as well as a hotel and ice rink as part of year-round open space. An alternate plan was for a single tower with a mix of office space and condos.

    The latest news is now the BPDA is stating that they would allow Chiofaro to build a tower as high as 600 feet in exchange for a few things. These include creating a fund worth up to $30 million to be provided to the Aquarium for any disruptions as well as to set aside parking for them. They would also need to contribute to a Blueway extension of the Kennedy Greenway. Lastly, the open public space would need to be a significant part of the overall plan.

    If agreement is reached, the plans would be for the tallest building ever to be built along the Boston Harbor. This would also add to the current trend that we see in the city of parking garages and structures being converted into residential and mixed-use buildings. The temperature on the situation is seeming as Chiofaro is open to meeting the stipulations put forth in the deal by the BPDA.

    With all of these concessions being presented and agreed upon, it still may not trigger the development to move forward soon. The state of Massachusetts could take another few months to review the overall BPDA plan. Then it would be another round of permitting on a local and state level. Chiofaro has not completely finalized their designs to propose as well. Neighboring residents have also expressed some opposition to proposed plans so time will tell if the project will move forward anytime in the near future.

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