South End: 2017 and Beyond


    We talk a lot about the South End, and we will not stop. Why? What is the draw, and more importantly, what does investing in the South End real estate market mean for you and your future?

    As recently announced, Massachusetts came in as the number one state to live in for 2017, according to U.S. News & World Report’s inaugural list. Factors such as the economy, education, crime, government, health care, and infrastructure all played a role. With Boston coming in as eighth best city to live in the nation, (up from number 30), you can be sure that the low unemployment rates, opportunity, and renowned educational institutions has and will continue to lure people from all over the globe.

    How does the South End play into this?

    No neighborhood is changing faster, with over 2400 units available now, in construction, or in the planning stages. For this area, especially the northeastern section, the change is no longer a growth spurt but a metamorphosis; look at established communities like the Ink Block, besides many others along Harrison Avenue, not to mention Troy Boston, and the emerging block on Albany.

    The South End’s soil has been tilled, literally and figuratively, and a new crop of buyers are establishing their roots. For sellers, now is the time to be thoroughly involved in reaping the benefits of this new season for the South End. Strategic planning, reliable guidance from an expert realtor, and access to the right network of investors and buyers are essential. Following these steps will ensure sellers to a secure future, as secure as South End’s is now.

    Lisa M. Sheehan
    Commonwealth Standard Realty Co.
    Commercial Sales Director


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