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    Top 5 Insider Tips for Furnishing a Home!

    Moving into an empty home can be an overwhelming and difficult experience. It’s challenging to create a welcoming space when there are so many different options! We talked to industry professional, interior designer Amanda Seideman about what she does daily to help create an enjoyable living situation!

    1. Slow Down! Live in the Space

    When first moving into a new home, Amanda recommends that the buyer takes in the space and lives in it, before running out to buy paint colors and furniture. Look past the furniture and at the space as a whole and try to picture your personal items in the areas. “You want to envision what you want each room to be used for before you go out and buy two items that don’t work together and you’re stuck with.” Don’t buy everything at once either, once you live in the space for a little you will see what pieces work best together.

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    2. Paint is Always First

    Once you decide what you want to use the space for Amanda suggests to go pick the paint color. As for what color goes best where? That’s up to you and what you want the room to be used for. “If your painting your living room, you want to go neutral – grays are really in right now, there’s a range from muted blues to mudded browns. “If it’s a kid’s playroom, brighter colors might be best like a light green or orange” Every room doesn’t have to match but they should have somewhat of a connection in style. Remember to pick a color that might not look bright on the swatch because once it’s on the wall it will be much brighter!

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    3. Neutral is the Way to Go

    When considering big purchases Amanda says to think neutral. You might think your lime green couch is cool now, but in 4 years you might hate it, and that’s an expensive purchase to replace.” Instead she says to go neutral on big, expensive purchases and then use small easily replaceable items like pillows or artwork for a pop of color. “It’s easier and less expensive to replace bright yellow pillows than a big couch”.


    4. It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!

    Amanda works with clients with ranges of budgets from $100 to $100,000 and she manages to get the task done no matter what it is. Her go to stores for good quality but affordable are, Boston Interiors, HomeGoods, Homesense, Target, Michaels, Savers/Goodwill, and Pier 1. “Boston Interiors may not seem affordable but even they’re lowest priced item is a great quality that will last for years”. Do your research! Look at the frame, hardware, finish, and how it’s made before buying. You want to pick items that are going to withhold wear and tear, you don’t want to have to replace your kitchen table every 2 years because it’s not good quality.

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    5. Small Spaces? No Problem

    When trying to furnish a small space, it’s easy to overcrowd and make it difficult to live in. Amanda utilizes her accessory pieces like fluffy pillows, long curtains in windows, and she likes to bring in natural light or light up the room another way. She says a rug is necessary, “it essentially ties the room together and especially if your living in a studio it can define and separate the spaces”. If you have a beautiful view, you don’t want a huge couch blocking it, so by using a smaller couch you open up the area more. You want to utilize the space you have in the most efficient way so you can comfortably live in it.


    As a professional stager and interior designer, Amanda Seideman is a creative mastermind behind many of the stunning houses we put on the market at Commonwealth Standard Realty. We are lucky and thrilled to have her apart of the team. She helps showcase the different properties in the best light helping us achieve great purchase prices for our sellers. She works with a range of clients from new home buyers to studio apartment renters and her niche is just to make the customer’s vision happen. Working one on one, she creates 3d floor plans, helps you pick out fabric, and all items small to large.

    Any questions feel free to reach out directly to abseideman@gmail.com

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